Citizen’s Police Academy

by webmaster on April 23, 2009

Tcpahe Citizen Police Academy is a ten-week course designed to educate the community about police protocol and procedure. The CPA is instructed by police officers and gives people an opportunity to have an inside view of the daily activities of a Police Department. The curriculum includes history of policing, laws and code of criminal procedure, criminal and accident investigations, lethal and less lethal weapons, crime scene investigations, officer safety, and hands on practicals.

At the Georgetown Police Department, it is our belief that crime can be reduced by teaching people how NOT to be a victim. By being aware of your surroundings and knowing what to do if a crisis arises, you insure a safe and desirable environment by limiting the opportunity criminals have. The slogan of the Citizen Police Academy is “Learning through Education”. The goal is to provide enough information to the public to dispel misconceptions and to increase the rapport between citizens and police officers. We hope the graduates of the Citizen Police Academy become more aware and better informed about how the Police Department operates, and will recommend their friends, coworkers and families to join the Georgetown Police Department in this rewarding program.

To download an application, click here.

What is the purpose of conducting a citizen police academy?

To give the public information on how the Police Department works and its policies and procedures, through a series of classes involving instruction by police officers.

Where did the concept originate?

The program originated in Orlando, Florida in 1984. Orlando was the first city in the United States to start a Citizen Police Academy.

When does the class meet?

Students meet on Tuesday nights at the Georgetown Police Department training building. The training building is located at 510 9th St. at the corner of 9th Street and Martin Luther King. There will be a total of approximately twenty (20) hours of instruction by police officers. Some classes are held at other locations such as the Williamson County Court.  Any change in class location will be announced at the first class. The classes are held at no cost to the student!

Who attends the Citizen Police Academy?

Students range from 18 years of age and above. We have architects, bankers, homemakers, students, retirees, teachers, neighborhood groups, and professionals attending the classes.

How do you apply?

You must be at least 18 years old and live or work in the Georgetown area. Complete the Citizen Police Academy application and mail it to the address below. If you have any questions or need more information, call Sergeant Loyd Pearson at (512) 930-2594 or

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