Community Programs

Public Education

publiceducationIt is the philosophy of the Georgetown Police Department to be as open with the public as possible. In order to keep with this ideology, the Department has numerous public education programs available. One of the biggest, is the Citizen Police Academy, where people can get an inside look into the everyday operations of the Police Department. We offer numerous brochures on a myriad of topics, such as: Crime Prevention, Comprehensive Traffic Management, Homeland Security, Recruiting, Traffic Collision Reporting, and Neighborhood Watch. These are all available to the public 24 hours a day.

The Department also provides tours of the facilities to daycare groups, schools, civic organizations, and foreign exchange students. In addition, the Department employs a Public Information Officer to act as a liaison with the press and public and we routinely provide Public Service Announcements to the local media to ensure information is disseminated. Every officer is empowered to be open with the public and we feel that this relationship is the best education available.