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About us Old GPD photos

The Georgetown Police Department began in 1948 when the City Council established the positions of Chief of Police and two patrolmen. The first patrol vehicle was purchased in that year. Up until that period of time, a City Marshal answered all calls for police protection.



About us Police community symbolToday the Georgetown Police department has a full-time staff of 74 sworn police officers, 24 civilian support staff, 12 animal services personnel, and 4 code enforcement officers. Each member of the department is committed to our vision.  Our vision is stated below.

To be the standard in law enforcement through leadership, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.



Our Mission and Core Values

“Serve with honor, protect with vigilance”                                                



About us ChiefAbout us - Core Values

We shall carry out the vision and mission statements, while utilizing the city Employee Values Statement and the following core values as our guiding principles.


We shall demonstrate the courage to do what is right, putting honesty, sense of duty, and sound moral principles at the forefront of our decision making. Supporting attributes include: Ethical Behavior, Honesty, Honor, Courage, and Loyalty.


We shall inspire, empower, develop and support one another to reach our fullest potential, both individually and organizationally, in order to achieve strategic goals. Supporting attributes include: Teamwork, Communication, Wisdom, Commitment, and Objectivity.


We shall be fiercely committed and highly motivated to combine our energy and expertise to achieve excellence through collaborative partnerships. Supporting attributes include: Trust, Inclusiveness, Diversity, Enthusiasm, and Sense of Humor.


We shall demonstrate respect for all regardless of circumstance, model conduct beyond reproach, and exemplify the highest standards of personal appearance. Supporting attributes include: Attitude, Dedication, Excellence, Pride, Service, Courtesy, Fairness, Compassion, Sincerity, and Empathy.


We shall individually and organizationally demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving desired results by making sound personal choices through empowerment. Supporting attributes include: Competency, Reliability, Responsibility, Work Ethic, and Consistency.




New PD emblem - LG




The EAGLE represents power, strength, and swiftness. Its demeanor is in a constant state of vigilance.

The SHIELD represents the protective nature of law enforcement. The Shield has five stripes indicative of the Police Department’s five core values of Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Professionalism, and Accountability. The Eagle is embracing the shield in a guarded manner placing added emphasis on its importance.

The THREE STARS on the shield have dual meaning. First, they represent the three critical dimensions necessary for organizational success: Leadership, Teamwork, and Communication. Second, they refer to the Police Department’s strategy for organizational development. The Georgetown Police Department promotes officer development in three vital areas: Knowledge (Scholar), Interpersonal Skills (Statesman), and Tactics (Warrior).

The FIVE POINTED STAR represents the Great State of Texas.

The CIRCULAR RING represents Teamwork, Unity, and Synergy. DUTY, HONOR, COMMUNITY is one of the organizational mottos.


Our Future

New Public Safety Operations & Training Facility

Plans for a Public Safety Operations & Training Facility were approved by the voters in May 2011. The 70,000 square-About us new facility 1 top rightfoot facility will house the Police Department, Fire Department Administration offices, and a 9-1-1 Call Center. It will also include classroom space for training, and a tactical building for reality-based training exercises that replicate real world scenarios officers are likely to face in the field.

Architect Design Group of Winter Park Florida, a specialist in Public Safety facilities, in partnership with KA Hickman of Round Rock, were selected as the architects for the new facility. The design and engineering phase is expected to take several months with construction slated to begin in 2013, and a move-in date of June 2014. The facility will be located on a twenty acre site fronting D.B. Wood Road near its intersection with Williams Drive. Fire Station #5 is also co-located on the site with the new facility.

New Building 3 New Building 2