Field Operations

*Our commitment to providing efficient and effective police services comes only second to ensuring open-two way communications between our Police Department and those we have sworn to Protect and Serve. Our ability to maintain your trust and cooperation is the cornerstone of our success. The uniformed members of the Patrol Services Division actively patrol and respond to calls for service throughout the city.

The officers are responsible for the preliminary investigation of crimes and are primarily responsible for the majority of all arrests. The Patrol Division is comprised of two commands: North Command and South Command. Each command is supervised by a Lieutenant and the day to day supervision of the individual squad is conducted by Sergeants. The entire city is divided into four sectors: Adam, Baker, Charlie, and David.

Officers are geographically deployed and their assignment is to a specific area of town, for a designated amount of time, thus allowing the officers and the residents to become familiar with each other and it makes for a greater sense of personal accountability of the officers for their respective areas. This division is also responsible for the safe movement of vehicles and people throughout the City. Each command has a number of traffic officers assigned to day and night watches.

Traffic Officers are responsible for accident investigations, traffic enforcement, and public education. The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) specializes in follow-up investigation, interviewing and interrogation, crime scene processing and vice and narcotics activity. The members of CID regularly demonstrate their commitment and dedication to the members of our community by tireless efforts to thoroughly investigate and assist in the successful prosecution of criminal offenders.

Traffic Officers

trafficofficersThe Traffic Officers are responsible for facilitating the safe movement of traffic throughout the City of Georgetown. The Traffic Officers utilize and patrol cars. Officers also utilize other resources to help with traffic mitigation, including a Time Mark traffic counter, a decoy car, and a Kustom Signals SMART trailer.

To compliment traffic enforcement, Officers conduct pro-active responses to traffic complaints and issues in residential areas and city roadways by utilizing all available resources. The Officers also support public education as an important strategy in changing driver’s attitudes, and providing a safe environment on public roadways.

Patrol Division

patrolOfficers are assigned to geographic areas called “Beats” and work within these beats to familiarize themselves with the numerous residents and safety issues specific to their assigned areas. Officers are divided into four squads in each command and work twelve-hour shifts.

In addition to their time consuming activities at work, many officers have volunteered their time off to activities that improve Georgetown’s quality of life. Such activities include, but are not limited to, the Criminal Justice Field Day, the Red Poppy Festival, and the Annual Christmas Stroll.

Emergency Response Team

ertThe Georgetown Police Department’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) is in its seventh year of existence. During the past year, the team served numerous search warrants related to narcotics cases. Over the course of the year, ERT conducted monthly training including dynamic entry tactics, vehicle assaults, team movement, covert entry and team movement tactics, response to active shooters, and use of distraction devices on dynamic entries.

The ERT serves high-risk arrest and search warrants and responds to and resolves hostage situations, barricaded subjects and other calls for service calling for a specialized tactical response. The ERT also trains for and serves as the Georgetown Police Department’s Dignitary Protection element. The ERT trains each month in topics including dynamic and covert entries, dynamic vehicle assaults, hostage situations, barricaded subjects, search warrant entry, sniper/counter-sniper tactics, deployment of specialized tactical equipment, scouting techniques, active shooter response, dignitary protection, bus assaults, physical agility, team building exercises and crowd control.

Bike Patrol

The Bike Patrol consists of officers trained in Police Bicycle Patrol Tactics. The primary function is to provide a visible presence to the community without the barriers of a patrol car, and to provide stealth patrol in high crime areas. They patrol primarily on the Hike and Bike Trails, downtown, parks and neighborhoods. They also provide additional security for special events such as, Red Poppy Festival, Fourth of July Celebration and the Christmas Stroll.