Georgetown Police Department

Field Operations

The Field Operations Division consists of our uniformed patrol, traffic and canine officers. The division is responsible for the direct response and investigation of crimes. It’s also responsible for traffic safety and enforcement. The heart and soul of field operations is the uniformed police officer who is responsible for providing citizens with 24-hour first responder services. These men and women work nights, weekends, and holidays regardless of the weather. 

Patrol Officers

Patrol Officers drive all other police operations and are the first to respond to emergency and non-emergency calls for service; from parking complaints to more serious crimes. When not answering calls for service, officers are responsible for self-initiated activity in enforcing our laws and preventing crime through their interaction with the public. As with all employees, field operations personnel are directly involved in problem-solving and building strong, positive relationships with those they serve. Members of this section routinely perform preventative patrols, conduct preliminary investigations of crimes, enforce traffic laws and promote safety in the city. Working together with community members and business owners, our officers are able to promote the safety and well-being of our citizens to make Georgetown a great place to live, work, and play. 

Patrol is divided into two platoons commanded by a lieutenant. Each platoon is comprised of four patrol squads supervised by sergeants. Each squad works a 12-hour shift. This structured organization allows for a clear chain of command and lateral communication between shifts, ensuring seamless work transitions. Each shift begins with the dissemination of pertinent information such as: wanted persons, missing persons, runaways, reported crimes and issues that have occurred during a previous shift. This information allows the officers the ability to effectively deal with reoccurring issues arising across different work periods.  

Traffic Officers

Traffic Officers are responsible for facilitating the safe movement of traffic throughout the City of Georgetown. Traffic Officers utilize patrol cars as well as other resources to help with traffic mitigation: radar, lasers, TimeMark traffic counters, and Kustom Signals SMART trailers. 

To complement traffic enforcement, officers conduct proactive responses to traffic complaints and issues in residential areas and city roadways by utilizing all available resources. The officers also support public education as an important strategy in changing drivers’ attitudes and behaviors thereby providing a safe environment on public roadways. 

Canine Team

The Georgetown Police Department’s canine teams consist of highly trained officers and police canines, along with a supervising sergeant. The purpose of the canine unit is to provide essential assistance to enhance the policing capability of our police department. The primary functions of a canine team are criminal apprehension, illegal drug detection, searching buildings and areas, tracking, and the deterrence of crime. The teams also educate the public by doing demonstrations for various groups, including schools.

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