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The Records Division serves as the central point of contact for the Police Department consisting of a Supervisor and two Records Specialists.

The Records Division is open 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Records assists customers (via front lobby walk-ins, phone calls, or mail) with requests for copies of accident reports, open records requests, and statistical information.
All official Police Department reports are maintained in Records: arrest reports, subpoenas, etc.

Victim Services

The Victim Services Unit is a division of the Georgetown Police Department.
The Victim Services Team is a group of volunteers that are trained in crisis intervention to survivors, witnesses, and families who have been traumatized by the experience of death, serious injury, violent crime, or natural disaster. Following a traumatic event, people often feel helpless, confused and emotionally shocked. After the emergency responders (Fire, police, and EMS) conduct their initial investigation and complete their reports, they often have other calls they must respond to. Victim Services response teams can remain with the victim, survivors, and witnesses in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy to assist them with temporary support through the first very difficult hours. Victim Services can help to get officers and emergency personnel back on the street more quickly and provide counseling on the scene as well as referrals for other assistance. The more individuals involved as “Victim’s Helpers” than bystanders, the greater the positive impact.

For more information, please visit: VICTIM SERVICES 💕💕 – Georgetown Police Department


Georgetown Police Department brings to the Georgetown community a multi-denominational chaplaincy program that provides a diversity of religious choices to those seeking spiritual and emotional help.

Whether handling death notifications, working with major disasters, counseling and praying with bereaved families or encouraging police officers and their families, the Georgetown Police Chaplains have been there. The Chaplaincy has been readied for Homeland Security and any other major disaster which our community may face.

The primary function of the Police Chaplains is to provide personal support for members of the Georgetown Police Department and their families. A secondary function is to assist officers in meeting citizens’ needs or the needs of other police agencies.

The Chaplaincy Program is more than just an employee assistance program to respond to needs. Chaplains exercise a positive “ministry of presence” by personally visiting members of the department on their job sites, attending training sessions and organizational functions with them, and – from time to time – being called out to accidents and crime scenes. They also visit homes and hospital rooms when invited to do so.

Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Division consists of one Lieutenant and one PSD Investigator. This bureau is responsible for recruiting, hiring, promotional processes, policy development, background investigations, internal affairs complaints, Use of Force Reviews, and employee commendations.

Internal Affairs Investigations

The current process for filing a complaint that leads to an investigation starts when a customer, either external or internal, files a written complaint. From there, a control number is issued in order to track the complaint and establish documentation. The complaint is investigated by either the affected employee’s immediate supervisor, if possible, or by the Professional Standards Division. Once the investigation is completed, the investigation findings are submitted to the affected employee’s Captain for approval and recommendation.

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