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The CommUNITY Initiative is a strategic framework for the Georgetown Police Department’s community engagement plan. The concept is a creative play on the word “community.” The police department has identified seven major stakeholder groups in which the department works with in order to forge stronger relationships, create opportunities to listen and learn community concerns, teach and communicate when and where appropriate, as well as to collaboratively identify and solve public safety related problems within our community.

 The seven CommUNITY stakeholder groups the police department will be focused on include:

  1. Neighborhoods (micro-communities)
  2. Youth
  3. Business Community
  4. Seniors
  5. Faith Based Organizations
  6. Non-Governmental Organizations (Social Services)
  7. Media

The initiative will further position the police department to take a leadership role in bringing the community together through collaboration on various programs and partnerships, even across stakeholder groups when and where appropriate.


Welcome to the Georgetown Police Department’s CommUNITY & Transparency Page. Over the years, the Georgetown Police Department has worked diligently and intentionally to build and maintain community trust and legitimacy. This page is a communication resource to provide background and updates on the Georgetown Police Department’s CommUNITY Initiative as well as to offer additional resources for the Georgetown community’s most pressing interests and questions regarding policing in Georgetown, Texas.


To be the standard in law enforcement through leadership, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.


Serve with honor, protect with vigilance.


CORE VALUES We shall carry out the vision and mission statements, while utilizing the city’s values statement and the following core values as our guiding principles:


We shall demonstrate the courage to do what is right, putting honesty, sense of duty, and sound moral principles at the forefront of our decision making. Supporting attributes include: Ethical Behavior, Honesty, Honor, Courage, and Loyalty.


We shall inspire, empower, develop and support one another to reach our fullest potential, both individually and organizationally, in order to achieve strategic goals. Supporting attributes include: Teamwork, Communication, Wisdom, Commitment, and Objectivity.


We shall be fiercely committed and highly motivated to combine our energy and expertise to achieve excellence through collaborative partnerships. Supporting attributes include: Trust, Inclusiveness, Diversity, Enthusiasm, and Sense of Humor.


We shall demonstrate respect for all regardless of circumstance, model conduct beyond reproach, and exemplify the highest standards of personal appearance. Supporting attributes include: Attitude, Dedication, Excellence, Pride, Service, Courtesy, Fairness, Compassion, Sincerity, and Empathy.


We shall individually and organizationally demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving desired results by making sound personal choices through empowerment. Supporting attributes include: Competency, Reliability, Responsibility, Work Ethic, and Consistency.


Vision, Mission, Values


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