1. Picketing shall be conducted in conformance with all traffic laws, city ordinances, state and federal statutes, and shall not in any manner obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

No person shall conduct or participate in Picketing that breaches the public peace or trespasses upon private property. Any individual or group of individuals engaging in Picketing, or planning to engage in Picketing, is encouraged to notify the City of Georgetown Police Department of the time and place of the planned Picketing activities.

2. If the Picketing is anticipated to result in the obstruction or closing of a public street, public sidewalk, public right-of-way or other public property, the organizer of the Picketing must provide        written notice to the Georgetown Police Department not less than twenty four (24) hours before the start of the Picketing.

Alarms – Residential and Commercial

The City of Georgetown and the Georgetown Police Department have established a False Alarm Reduction Unit and a City Ordinance (6.60) that requires all members of the Georgetown community that have alarms, either residential or commercial, to register the alarm with the Police Department. The establishment of the Unit and the ordinance is in an effort to begin to reduce the number of false alarm calls for service that the Police Department responds to on an annual basis.

The ordinance requires homeowner and business owners to complete an application that will provide contact information, alarm company information and any special instructions or considerations.  The application fee is $25 for residential and $35 for commercial, annually. Additionally, alarm companies will be required to register with the City as well.

Applications may be picked up at the following City offices:  City Hall, Municipal Court, Georgetown Municipal Complex, Fire Stations, and the Police Department. Additionally, the form may be downloaded from the Police Department webpage through the City’s website.

All payments and applications should be sent to the following address:

Georgetown Police Department
Attn: Alarm Unit
3500  D. B. Wood Road
Georgetown, TX 78628

Please make checks payable to: City of Georgetown

To download a residential or commercial alarm permit application, click here.